NEW SELF PORTRAITMadeleine is currently working as both an artist and designer, focusing her artistic work on portraits, architectural sketches and gestural illustrations. Her artwork encompasses a range of mediums including watercolor, ink, pastel, acrylic, colored pencil and digital rendering. She graduated from RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design) with a BA in Apparel Design and went on to work with the prestigious fashion brands Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren. After 5 years in the industry she realized that the development of her fine art and illustration career was what spoke to her soul and she has since gone on to pursue her craft. Her process is ever-changing depending upon the piece or series she is creating. The usual way her process begins is by a ‘wisp of imagining,’ followed by a zen-like approach of thought and reflection to give her work the sound building blocks needed for creation. The common thread through her artworks, regardless of the subject or medium, are their gestural, illustrative and colorful qualities. The conception of a series is often illuminated by a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) undercurrent of a sentiment about the world and its happenings. The mind is a vessel, the hands are the tools and the work is the avenue of expression to inspire others.