Madeleine was divinely-guided and inspired to meld two of her passions: the divinatory arts and visual arts. Madeleine has experience and training in shamanic practices and the tarot, both of which assist her in the process of creating Auratraits™. An auratrait is a soul portrait painted with a spiritual interpretation of a person’s divinity. The portrait is painted by hand and enhanced with a mystical interpretation of the client’s soul language and aura. Madeleine obtains the imagery through her innate vision and insight. She depicts the intuitive impressions and spiritual guidance she receives for the client by channeling on a client’s behalf. Madeleine articulates the information she receives into a one-of-a-kind artwork. Madeleine helps decipher messages from spirit to help others on their soul’s path. Soul portraits are meant to reveal the true beauty of the subject being painted by reminding that individual of their inherent power and radiance. The intent of Auratraits is to heal, assist, inspire, and guide the client to live their most awakened, empowered and fulfilling life.