Hippo, The Circus: A Study on Confinement


Hippo, The Circus: A series on Confinement         $450.00 . 18 x 24 . mixed media on paper

The circus, exploiting a creature that is wild and free; confining it to tents, tricks and taming. A pleasing performance for the audience, but behind the tent flap, the iron bars or the steel crate there is a soul waiting to be freed. This series explores the very real lives of the many wild animals confined to a trapped existence in circus life. In tandem this series also echoes the tempered and tamed lives ourselves and many fellow human beings lead in the world at large. The circus acts we perform, literally and figuratively, echo the falsity of an imprisoned existence . Chains, bars and performance acts can be metaphors for greater themes: the lack of courage when we don’t speak our truth, the fear when we don’t pursue our dreams, the inadequacy we feel when we don’t measure up to our standards of perfection, the judgment we hold when we don’t understand another’s way of life or opinions, the hate we embody when we close our heart to love. Through this series I am exploring the correlation between the life of a circus animal as well as the life of a human being living in the world today. Our greatest strengths reveal themselves when we live a life unconfined; opening our hearts to love, our eyes to truth and our souls to freedom.


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