Golden Light

In the land of time and tempest

Where actions tarnish and voices sting,

There is a soft, golden light that pours

Through the space between the cracks,

And I know you are here.

Its purity cleans out the dark that

Lurks on the edges and in between the folds

With space and freedom

We are given the ability to see.

Slowly, quietly and patiently

It waits for us to open our tear-stained eyes

And to awaken our wearied souls

That for too long a period swore

That darkness would have

The last word.

But the light shines through

And with humility and faith

I have reason to swear on

The grace of your sand-swept presence

That I will know you once more.

And in your golden light

We will again be young and free.

 In honor of my dear friend, taken too soon from this world.


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